Archival Prints on Canvas of Florence, Italy

My Forty Year Love Affair with Florence

Lena S. Keslin ~ Artist Statement

This collection of photographs is a culmination of my 40-plus year love affair with Florence. I first arrived here in 1973 from New York City after graduating from Parsons School of Design to continue my studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti. In 1978, I taught photography at the Fortman Studio, a Fine Arts school.

Florence has always been an inspiration for me. Early on, I studied the Renaissance and was fascinated by the Medici and their artistic patronage. I became familiar with all of the churches and museums, and the wondrous masterpieces that resided in them. I scoured every corner of the Boboli Gardens, traversed every street, savored the stories of the older generations. I photographed them all, until I moved back to NYC in 1980. Read more...





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